Invitation to Potential Suppliers

The meeting is reserved for suppliers with an authorization to market, and potential suppliers of the listed pharmaceuticals.
After the information meeting, the project group will invite potential suppliers that have shown interest to participate in individual virtual dialogue meetings which will take place in December and January.

The purpose of these meetings is to enable the suppliers to give individual feedback to the members of the joint Nordic project group. The members of the joint Nordic project group will not provide further information about the procurement during the dialogue meetings.
Feedback from Potential Suppliers
The project group would like to receive feedback from the suppliers regarding the requirements concerning the neck diameter, possible challenges with obtaining a market authorization for the pharmaceuticals in all three countries, possible challenges with the delivery of pharmaceuticals to any of the three countries and any other challenges which might arise.
The project group kindly ask the suppliers to reflect upon these questions prior to the dialogue meeting to make the meeting as efficient as possible. 

​Time The virtual inf​ormation meeting will take place Tuesday the 15th of December 2020 from 13:00 – 14:00
​Place ​This is at virtual meeting at TEAMs. All enrollments will be invited via email address
​Enrollment ​​Registrations must be sent to no later than Friday 11 December 2020

The enrollment shall include the following information
Name of the supplier

List of Products

Paracetamole (IV)
Meropenem (vials)